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June 2018, Commodore 64 game (.d64, .tap, cover/reference card)

Algol (C64)

Fine-tuned, challenging full science-fiction adventure and homage to several great C64 classics. You need to think and take advantage of game mechanics and manueverabilty or you'll get slapped and not be tickled...

Control the Orbis aka "The Harvester of Doom," from the Soros System. Invade, subjugate and destroy the planet of Eden.

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  • Code: Chris Yates
  • Music: Richard Bayliss
  • Graphics: Mo Dernart
  • Design: Mo Dernart
  • Loader: Martin Piper

PS. thanks again to Richard Bayliss for the GREAT MUSIC as well as repacking, general assistance and for hosting the S.E.U.C.K. C64 gaming compos! The New Dimension (TND)

​If you don't have a Commodore 64, you can easily load and play this game with a gamepad, joystick, or even keyboard via the free VICE Commodore Emulator.

Make sure to install VICE v3.x+.
To load a game, you just start the emulator. Choose from top-left 'File' menu > "Smart-attach disk/tape," select either .d64 (disk file) -or- the .tap (tape file) and game will load. To save a game, you can easily load/save to a saved game file (.vsf aka virtual save file) in emulator, from 'Snapshot' menu.

Good luck, Lotnik!

VICE is developed native for Linux, is available for most operating systems but has a great Windows version called WinVICE. You can find the latest versions here to download: VICE Commodore Emulator