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August 2018, Commodore 64 game (.d64, .tap, cover/reference card)

Zilspleef (C64)

Enigmatic, challenging dystopian fantasy adventure where you must not bust your bubbles. With lite puzzle elements and shoot'em up action. Control a squeaky bubble through a labyrinth of dimensional terror and cosmic intrigue.

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  • Code: Chris Yates
  • Music: Richard Bayliss
  • Graphics: Mo Dernart
  • Design: Mo Dernart
  • Loader: Martin Piper

​If you don't have a Commodore 64, you can easily load and play this game with a gamepad, joystick, or even keyboard via the free VICE Commodore Emulator.

Make sure to install VICE v3.x+.
To load a game, you just start the emulator. Choose from top-left 'File' menu > "Smart-attach disk/tape," select either .d64 (disk file) -or- the .tap (tape file) and game will load. To save a game, you can easily load/save to a saved game file (.vsf aka virtual save file) in emulator, from 'Snapshot' menu.

Good luck, Lotnik!

VICE is developed native for Linux, is available for most operating systems but has a great Windows version called WinVICE. You can find the latest versions here to download: VICE Commodore Emulator